1 Nov 2013
Bianca Hall, musician & educator
So, I passed my oral exam (yippee!), and it was actually kinda fun. The exam was rather conversational, which was my hope, so it made for a more dynamic and collaborative experience. I realized I was having an intelligent and engaging conversation with my professors and mentors whom I hold in high regard, which was an extremely enjoyable aspect of the experience.
However, I had the most fun studying for these exams and making new connections in my knowledge and understanding of the various subjects. Plus, I began to realize how far I have come. I revisited some old survey books from my undergrad years and found myself thinking, "yeah, I know that," or "that makes total sense now." I guess that's part of the point of pursuing advanced degrees.
With all of my qualifying assessments completed, I can turn my attention to my final recital, which may end up occurring next semester after all, but for good reasons. I hope to make and nurture some new connections who may aid me in the development of this final project. I can't wait to get started!
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On the Q---_s Conception. (Tune: "Packington's Pound")
Anonymous: BALLAD. To the Tune of Couragio
Anonymous: Alta Trinita
Agostini: Quando l'ira del cielo
Vierdanck: Ich freue mich im Herren
Traditional: Barbara Allen
Fusu: A Winter Song
Fusu: Steaua Sus Rasare
Anonymous: Plus bele que flor/Quant revient/L'autrier joer/Flos Filius
Anonymous: Mout me fu grief li departir/Robin m'aime/Portare
Anonymous: Variations for recorder and basso continuo
Anonymous: Alle psallite cum luya

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